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A decorative and protective accessory

In general, people take the time to choose the right vehicle according to their needs and tastes. Being a considerable investment, it is not trivial to want to protect your property. Interior moldings and protective side moldings are good options for added protection, while adding style to your vehicle.


No matter the color, model, make or year of your vehicle, we can satisfy your requirements, whether personalized or not.

Live up to your expectations

Quality is our priority, which is why our products are designed with high-end materials. Being directly linked to the bodywork, our accessories are painted according to automotive standards. You will therefore have no problem obtaining the color identical to your vehicle.


*Services offered for bodybuilders and individuals. 

New Tesla product line!

For owners of a Tesla car, we will charm you with our brand new collection of protection and design accessories. Refined and luxurious for our tasteful customers!

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a quote.

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