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Wrapping a vehicle with printable film.

In general, because wrapping is more economical than a paint job, people decide to partially or completely wrap their vehicle. Vehicle wrapping is a good option for added protection while adding style to your vehicle.


Regardless of the customization desired, it is important to know that the paint of your vehicle remains intact and unaltered.

Quelles couleurs de wrap puis-je choisir ?

As the possibilities are endless, you can choose according to your taste. Whether for a color change on your personal vehicle, for an advertising campaign or for complete wrapping with your company logo, we only use high-end products for superior quality work.


Quote offered by appointment. 

Are there different types of wrap?

A wide range of colors, prints, finish types and textures are available to you. You just have to choose, after all, it's your vehicle!

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a quote.

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